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This privacy policy governs your use of a software application on an iOS platform that was created by CYA Release forms, inc.


Personal Information Collection


Cya Release Forms inc. Does not have any direct access to the studios data, that it has received from their clients. All data received is stored in the Studios individual data bases and can only be retrieved by the studios login credentials.


Cya Release Forms inc. does not directly collect personal information.

This application is provided for the Tattooing and Piercing industry, to use for client processing. The end user, (The studio) collects client information, which in-turn is saved to a secure cloud server data base, protected by the cloud server company. Cya Release Forms Inc. does not have direct access to that client base, only the Studio has access to that information, through the Studios log in credentials.


Cya Release Forms inc. does not collect your payment information. Payment information for subscriptions is collected by and secured by,

and is in compliance with their data encryption standards. 


Cya Release Forms inc. only saves the Subscription information of the individual studio, and is never shared with any third parties. It is only used for subscription processing  and subscription status.


User Provided Information


This application collects User Provided information, Studio Provided information, along with a captured image of the client’s identification. all information is written to a digital data base file, which is uploaded to a Secure cloud server Data base where it is encrypted by the cloud server standards. Each customers file can be retrieved, printed (pdf) and services added, giving studio owners a complete history of their clients visit records. All client files can be added to without starting a new file.

The Application captures the following client information that is asked for on all Tattoo or Piercing release forms to comply with local health codes. Check your local city, county or state codes to make sure this application will be in compliance. Cya Release Forms Inc. is not responsible for your areas codes, laws or restrictions.

It will use the device camera to capture, designs, legal document, images used for professional notes and Studio logos. Image of Federal or State ID’s ie; Identification card, Drivers License, Passport, School ID, and Birth Certificate.


  • Name

  • Birthday

  • Address

  • Contact information

    • Email

    • Phone Number

  • Emergency contact information

    • Name

    • Phone Number

  • Preferred Name

  • Gender

  • Piercing or Tattoo description

  • Location of Piercing or Tattoo

  • General health information

  • In studio legal agreements

  • Image of required state or county forms for minors/Notary form.


Studio Provided Information - Tattoo


  • Photos of tattoo design

  • location of tattoo

  • Cost of tattoo

  • Tattoo Supplies used

  • Session notes

  • Artists signature


Studio Provided Information - Piercing


  • Jewelry used (size, color of gems, gauge, brand, material jewelry is made from)

  • Location of piercing

  • Name of piercing

  • Session notes

  • Piercers signature


Application also provides analytics to the studio owner by month, day or year. This information is only provided to the Studio owner and is not shared to any third party. Cya Release Forms does not have direct access to any data, collected by the studio.

Children under the age of 18


Cya Release Forms Inc. Does not collect information on Minor children.

The application allows for the End user, (the studio) to process minor clients at their discretion, all information is stored on a secure cloud server. The Studio must determine their ability to accept a minor child as a client and follow their guidelines in doing so. Cya Release Forms Inc. does not accept any responsibility for how the Studio collects and uses Minor child information. 


Sharing of Information


The Application has the capability to send aftercare instructions to the client via email. The Application collection of emails can also be used for advertising by the Studio. All

Email addresses are used at the soul discretion of the studio and are not used in anyway by Cya Release Forms inc. Cya Release Forms inc. is not responsible for the studios advertising policy.


The application offers an opt out option to the clients. 


CYA release forms inc. collects studio  email addresses for the purpose of communication or updates to the application. Cya Release Forms will not share this information with a third party.


Cya Release Forms Inc. does not share any information of Studios or Studio clients with third parties, unless enforced by law.


Cya Release Forms Inc. does not have direct access to any studio client data, that is captured by the Studio and the application. The data can only be accessed by the studio using their log in credentials.


Data retention policy


Cya Release Forms Inc. will store, for the studio, using a secure cloud server, studio and user provided information for as long as you subscribe to the application.


User Provider data can not be deleted.

User provider data will only be deleted after a period of Five years in the event there is inactivity to the subscription for that amount of time 


 Cya Release Forms Inc. does not have direct access to the studios data base, and can not remove client information. 


Your Consent


By using the application, you are consenting to our processing procedures as set forth in this privacy policy. You agree not to use this application in any malicious way, or use our platform to share, sell or otherwise misuse  any collected data that your studio collects. Cya Release Forms Inc. is not responsible for the studios mishandling of client information.


The studio gives consent for Cya Release Forms Inc. to collect studio information for subscription purposes, and to set up a secure data base where the studios information will be stored. 


You are giving consent to move stored data from one server to another if such issues arise that may warrant changing server providers. Cya Release Forms Inc. will not be held responsible for lost data during transition from one server provider to another. Cya Release Forms Inc. will do everything in its ability to preserve the studios data during transition.


By using the application you consent that, the parties, agree to indemnify, defend, and hold each other, their officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and authorized agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages and expenses 

(including, without limitation, attorneys' fees including appellate fees) resulting directly or indirectly from: 

The operation, maintenance, and content of the software service; 

Studios's use of the software service;

Failure by Studio to comply with any applicable privacy laws; and Any breach of this Agreement by the Parties. 

Subscriber ( the studio) shall indemnify, defend, and hold CYA Release Forms Inc., its officers, directors shareholders, employees, and authorized agents harmless from and against any and all claims, damages and expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys' fees) resulting directly or indirectly from access to or use or misuse of the Subscriber Data by Subscriber, its Representatives, or affiliates. 

Please see Cya Release Forms Service Agreement for full details during subscription set up. 

Your rights


Cya Release Forms Inc. only collects studio information for subscription purposes.

“Studio information” Studio name, Phone number, address, email address, etc.


Cya Release Forms Inc. does not collect client information, client information is collected by the studio. Cya Release Forms Inc. is not responsible for how the studio handles client information.


Cya Release Forms will not willingly share any collected information with any third party unless applicable by law.


You have the right not to use this application, you can cancel at any time.




Cya ReleaseForms Inc. cares about your security. Cya Release Forms Inc. uses electronic safeguards within our own company, and the companies we use for storage and payment  to protect your information, we will never willingly share or release any information or data to any third parties that could potentially put you or you clients at risk. 


Regardless of our efforts to protect your information, it is always possible for a potential breach of security. Cya Release Forms Inc. will not be responsible for security breaches that are beyond our control. No security system can prevent a potential security breach.


Cya Release Forms Inc. does not share with Third parties for advertisement solicitations.


Any Solicitation to the studio will be directly From Cya Release Forms Inc. for this application only, for the sole purpose of application information, ie, updates, new technologies, additions etc. 


State by State laws 


Cya Release Forms Inc. has done its best to produce an application that can be used in any state in the United States. We do not guarantee that it will be accepted by the department of business or the department  of health in your state. It is the sole responsibility of the studio to make sure it is in compliance with your states regulations for processing clients.  

CYA Release Forms, inc. holds all rights to update this privacy policy at any time. If there are updates to this policy, the update will be posted here.


For more information you can contact us at,, or call (352) 554-1310


Be sure to read Cya Release Forms Software Service Agreement when signing up for a subscription.

Release Forms, INC

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