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This privacy policy governs your use of a software application (“Application”) on a mobile device that was created by CYA Release forms, LLC. The application collects a client’s information, health information and legal agreements.  The information, along with a captured image of the client’s identification card, is written to a Portable Document Format (pdf) file, which is uploaded to AWS Data base and can be retrieved and added to.  


We may update this privacy policy at any time. Check back often.

What information does the Application obtain?

User Provided Information –

The Application obtains the following client information that is typical to any tattoo or piercing release form.

  • Name

  • Birthday

  • Age

  • Address

  • Contact information

    • Email

    • Phone Number

  • Emergency contact information

    • Name

    • Phone Number

  • Gender

  • Piercing or tattoo description

  • Location of piercing or tattoo

  • Health information

  • Legal agreements

  • Image of identification card, passport, school ID, Birth Certificate, and notary forms. 

Release Forms, INC

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