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Are you ready to take your customer service to the next level? 

CYA Release Forms is here to save your ASS!

CYA Release forms is a fully customizable Digital Tattoo and Piercing Release form that saves ALL your customers information in your personal secure data base.

You'll never lose your clients PPW again.

Fully customizable legal and release of liability.

Know what inks, tubes, needle groupings and price of the tattoo.

Save drawings of tattoo designs.  

Saves jewelry used on every visit.

Parental consent forms are a breeze.

Pull up and add new services every time client comes in.

Tattoo and Piercing Aftercare instructions are E-mailed directly to client after each visit.


No more file boxes or filing cabinets.

Make customer notes if problems arise.

All data is accessible to print for your Health Department audits in a PDF format.

Easy to set up.

Know your customers with demographic and analytic reports.


See realtime daily earning reports. 

Collect emails for marketing.



CYA Release Forms 806 W. University Ave, Gainesville, Florida 32601 * (352) 554-1310

Release Forms, INC

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